Oraunion, comprised of Labora, the International Catholic Union of Press in Lebanon (UCIPLiban), the Lebanese University Friends Association (Aulib), and Groact, strives to address the urgent needs facing Lebanese society amidst its cultural, social, and intellectual diversity. UCIPLiban has been organizing the "Christian Exhibition" for 16 consecutive years, while AULib has been hosting the "Open Doors to the Lebanese University" since 2015. Labora has been participating annually in over fourteen job fairs and training exhibitions since 2009, along with the Groact Exhibition.

The Forum serves as a platform to connect resources with opportunities, catering to job-hunting needs, marketing products from cooperatives, agricultural and handicraft organizations, and providing students with insights into the Lebanese University. It targets all demographics and age groups in Lebanese society, marking a significant milestone in facilitating youth settlement and integration in Lebanon. The Forum features four distinct exhibitions:

  1. The Job Fair: Aims to provide unemployed young people with job opportunities in both private and public sectors.

  2. The "Open Doors Exhibition to the Lebanese University": Aims to acquaint students with the Lebanese University, its faculties, diplomas, and assists them in choosing their specialties.

  3. Groact Exhibition: Encourages and promotes agriculture and craft cooperatives, bringing together craftsmen, farmers, scout associations, clubs, unions, associations, and youth movements to foster community development and motivation.
  4. The Christian Exhibition: Introduces the Christian cultural heritage and fosters bridges between civilizations and cultures.


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